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Jeff Rowland has sought musical truth through his leading design work for the last 25 years.
The classic JRDG sound, with its great ease, grainless musicality, hallmark staging and imaging, and its tremendous authority, is more than ever alive and thriving in Jeff Rowland’s newest achievements. The soul of his magnificent sound imbues the stunning Rowland Model 625 class A/B stereo power amplifier, the Criterion and Corus linestage preamplifiers, as well as the rest of the great JRDG line. Jeff Rowland is an advanced innovator with an eye to solid tradition. He harnesses new and promising technologies to foster his dream of creating products that let the listener ‘see’ ever deeper into the performance, while remaining true to his signature refined musicality. His current designs are consistent with his long held artistic ideals: they yield that unforgettable Rowland experience, yet more than ever before, they are tremendously extended, pure, yielding a delicate linearity that is harmonically textured, ever revealing of the most imperceptible nuance, capable of an uncanny sonic transparency, in which instruments and performers are immersed in a live virtual space so sensuously palpable, that it rivals reality.

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