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The Ortofon SPU – fifty five years product story
No other company has ever retained a phono cartridge model in their product range for so many years. The SPU was used by early broadcasting companies among whom the Ortofon brand name was already well known from the first moving coil system - the Ortofon mono system in the small black A-housing. The so-called “Ortofon sound“ became synonymous with the sound from the SPU, at an early stage. But with no other cartridge over the course of half a century, have we ever had to take so much care in respecting this original sound when improving technical data, as with the SPU model. As a result and in order to show considerations for this goal, you will after 50 years still find the basic visuals, the original design, as well as the original elements in the construction of the magnetic circuit kept fully intact. Evidently the product has changed throughout its evolution. New possibilities in regards to housing materials, diamonds and magnetic system have been employed to improve the SPU and its performance whilst at the same time we remain faithful to the original concept. It is also clear that in a period of 50 years certain components will be changed as the suppliers no longer make them and replacements must be found. But let us for a moment return to where it all began, when the SPU was launched back in 1958.

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