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List of products by manufacturer Primare

In the mid 1980s, long before anyone had heard of 'lifestyle' design, the first Primare range of hi-fi components was launched.

The now celebrated 900 Series and 200 series products symbolised a radical shift in the way music systems were perceived: they proved that great sounding hi-fi could also be rewarding to look at and easy to use. Overnight the rules had changed: Primare made hi-fi for living as well as for listening!
Then an association with Xena Audio of Sweden, famous for its Copland and QLN brands, integrated the talents of Primare’s Bent Nielsen and Xena’s Lars Pedersen. Pedersen’s production experience and Nielsen’s unrivalled comprehension of the brand’s ethos combined to create a new commercial momentum for Primare, which would optimise its potential to enhance every living space with extraordinary looks and breathtaking sound. By the mid 1990s the true nature and appeal of Primare had been defined.
Continuous Innovation and entrepreneurial dynamism gained Primare a reputation for excellence among consumers and designers alike. When engineer Bjorn Holmqvist joined the team in the late 1990s, Primare was ready to be counted as one of the world’s most progressive and desirable high-end hi-fi companies.
Since then successive generations of Primare products have enshrined the brand’s uncomplicated Scandinavian design ethos. Individually or combined within matching systems, they continue to prove that great hi-fi design can inspire lovers of fidelity and aesthetics in equal measure.

1985: Primare formed
1986: 928 series pre-power amplifiers. Still the only hi-fi component in the Copenhagen Museum of Industrial Art
1992: 200 series of pre-power, CD player and Tuner
1994: Bent Nielsen develops 300 series having high aesthetic and performance. The blueprint for all future Primare products
1996: The company is taken over by Lars Pedersen and moved to Sweden
1998: Bent Nielsen and Lars Pedersen develop 20 series and 30 series Integrated amplifiers and CD players. Based partly on 300 series the new designs are easier to make and use and more affordable
1999: Björn Holmqvist joins
2000: AV products introduced: V20 DVD player, P30 Processor A30.5, 5 channel power amplifier
2002: SP31.7 AV Pre SPA20 AV integrated, DVD25 DVD player
2003: DVD30 Universal disc player

2004: SPA21 AV integrated, SP31 Processor New 20 Series and 30 series products incl. I30 integrated amplifier, DVD26 DVD player
2007: CDI10 one-box system using radical new class D modules
2008: DVDI 10 DVD/CD one-box system. Primare introduces modular design with SPA 22 AV integrated and SP32 7-channel Pre. SPA22 first with UFPD Class D technology
2010: New 30 Series introduced: upgradable I32 amplifier (the first with music streaming potential), CD32 CD Player, R32 phono stage
2011: Primare wins prestigeous EISA Best Product Award for CD32/I32 system. BD32 Universal player launched
2012: Primare embraces audiophile computer audio and streaming with DAC30 and MM30 media upgrade for I32 and PRE32
2013: Primare NP30 Network Player and App launched
2014: Primare 60 Series launched
- See more at: http://www.primare.net/default.asp?ContentID=29#sthash.fR7gXqF4.dpuf