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Colour(s)    Rosewood, Satin Black, Satin Walnut, Walnut

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The Dynaudio Focus XD is a new generation in high-end audio. 24 bit/192 kHz resolution from the music source to the driver. It's a complete digital revolution.

This is the loudspeaker for the listener who demands no-compromise audio quality and high resolution digital audio. And this happens right where you are listening. With the new Focus XD, the entire high-end system is made more pure, more simple, and simply better. Because the Focus XD connects directly to the music source.

Once you listen to the game-changing Focus XD and all the benefits that digital music has to offer, it will be clear that the world of high-end audio will never be the same.


This is not just a loudspeaker. This is redefining high-end audio system for the 21st century. Totally digital. Totally active. Totally high-res. The Focus XD is the perfectly thought-out solution for truly high-end music playback, because this Dynaudio is digital, active and high-resolution. This is the beginning of an entirely new generation of high-end audio.

Digital: The Focus XD connects directly to the music source. This yields a complete high-end system that is more pure, more simple, and simply better.

Active: Each Focus XD driver is individually powered by a perfectly matched, performance optimised digital amplifier incorporating the highest possible performance reserves. Digital volume control and precise DSP fine-tuning are included.

High-resolution: The entire signal path is capable of 24 bit/192 kHz resolution, thus high-res music files and premium digital players lose none of their sound quality or performance potential. With the Focus XD, wireless playback, DSP adjustments to tailor the speakers to the room acoustics, and brilliantly simple multi-room installations are all possible. Each loudspeaker can be equipped with new functions via firmware updates, making the Focus XD completely future-proof. The Focus XD is quite simply the next generation of the high-end audio system. Perfectly condensed down to what really matters.


The Focus 600 XD is the flagship Focus XD model and sets the definitive performance standard for high-end digital active loudspeakers. 

The Focus 600 XD is for those seeking the best possible audio performance and completely un-compromised sound quality.

The Focus 600 XD redefines the high-end loudspeaker and high-end audio system: the perfect combination of a full-size floor-standing loudspeaker and high-performance digital amplification.

Both of the newly developed Focus XD ultra-long-throw Esotec+ woofers feature extremely large and powerful magnets, and each is driven by its own individual 150W power amplifier to ensure that an impressive low frequency output (to 20 Hz) is always delivered at the highest level of precision and accuracy.

The proprietary MSP driver cone material, together with the renowned soft dome tweeter with precision coating, ensures the tonal perfection and balanced sound that is characteristic of Dynaudio.

The Esotec+ midrange driver and tweeter in the Focus 600 XD are also each individually driven by a high-performance 150W power amplifier, and the four drivers are perfectly harmonised through the highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art DSP.

With a combined power output of 600W per speaker, the 600 XD offers a performance reserve allowing it to realistically reproduce the most demanding large orchestral performances, to faithfully recreate the feeling of a live recording, or to deliver the full impact, energy and depth of modern electronica music.

The Focus 600 XDs are easily integrated into any room, regardless of its size or the scale of your music: Using the Focus XD Speaker Position EQ, the bass response can be tailored to the particular room acoustics relative to the speakers' placement in the room. Retractable spikes integrated within the aluminum outrigger feet ensure that the speakers can be safely positioned on any floor surface while minimizing resonance.

Featuring the same features of the other Focus XD models, the 600 XD includes both analogue and digital inputs, is able to be operated via remote control, can be expanded to deliver wireless and or multi-room playback, and features upgradeable firmware.

Digital. Active. Un-compromised. The benchmark for high-end active loudspeakers has taken a quantum leap.


HiFi means high audio fidelity. A lot stands in the way of this audio fidelity in “traditional” HiFi systems: music saved digitally is converted to analogue far too early. Transmitted via analogue cable. Preamplified and volume controlled in analogue. Relayed on to the output amplifier in analogue. And finally reaching the loudspeaker via the analogue loudspeaker cable. This music signal, which has already been amplified and thus deteriorated, is separated out, filtered and finally reproduced by the loudspeaker. The overall coordination of this sound path is an equation with many unknowns. By definition, the perfect HiFi system would be much more puristic. And at the same time, the quality of sound would be far superior. Like the Focus XD.

The digital music signal from, for example, a hard disc player, media player, music server, music streamer, CD player or computer, reaches the Focus XD directly and absolutely unchanged, where it is then digitally amplified. Using the latest amplifier technology, the digital music signal is converted into music at the latest possible moment: directly at the woofers and tweeters. The integrated analogue input allows for just as consistent playback from an analogue source: with the shortest conceivable analogue signal path and the premium 24 bit A/D converter. High Fidelity reaches a whole new dimension with the ultimate purity of the Focus XD.


The Focus XD is the perfect loudspeaker for high-resolution music. Native 24 bit/192 kHz resolution from source to driver.

With high-resolution data and music players, a new age of high-end audio has begun. Never before have there been more music titles, download portals, playback devices and computer software for true to original playback of recordings. Newly digitised master tapes, digitised vinyl archives or music produced entirely in high-resolution: with 8x more data volume compared to CD, a higher dynamic range and substantially finer resolution are possible, meaning even the slightest acoustic and tonal nuances of a recording can be heard. Never before could we so faithfully reproduce pure vocals, real instruments and the actual recording space at home. This is only possible with the complete high-end sound system.

The old way: the digital high-resolution music signal with maximum data volume is converted to analogue via a D/A converter shortly after it is read, following this comes analogue amplification, analogue tone control, analogue cable and analogue crossovers. This is not a highway for authentic high-resolution playback, it is a long and winding road. The Focus XD is much more consistent: the music signal stays digital, high-resolution and absolutely lossless from the music source to the loudspeaker drivers. Via the coaxial digital input and the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to the digital amplifier. Even here amplification is entirely digital using the PCM-PWM conversion principal. The Focus XD is the perfect high-resolution loudspeaker.


The Focus XD combines the best of both worlds: legendary Dynaudio driver technology and innovative state-of-the-art digital amplifiers.

The Focus XD is digital, active and high-resolution. But even the best amplifier technology is no substitute for tweeters and woofers offering absolutely first-class sound quality. The drivers are the heart of any good loudspeaker, which is why these are developed and produced in-house by Dynaudio in Skanderborg, Denmark. The Focus XD was built with the legendary Esotec+ drivers, incorporating ultra-light aluminium voice coils and the legendary membrane material MSP, silk-fabric dome tweeters with Precision Coating, extra-strong Ferrit+ magnetic drives and low-resonance cast aluminium frames. For the flagship model Focus 600 XD, a completely new ultralong-throw woofer was developed for particularly deep and precise bass reproduction.

This world-renowned driver technology is combined with the perfect amplifiers in the Focus XD: perfectly optimized to each of the drivers via DSP. Fully digital, resulting in neutral playback of the digital music signal. With digital volume control directly at the amplifier and 150 watt power output at each driver, with sufficient power reserves at all times. Each driver has its own amplifier, meaning that in the individual Focus XD models, a vast total power output of 300, 450 or 600 watts is available per speaker. The amplifier technology is also highly efficient, making it a model for energy- and resource-saving technology. The Focus XD is not only the ideal loudspeaker but also the ideal amplifier.


Digital, analogue, wireless – with the Dynaudio Hub, the Focus XD can operate wirelessly. And can connect to five additional music sources.

A high-resolution-capable digital input is included in every Focus XD model (75 ohm coaxial cable up to 24 bit/192 kHz) as is an additional analogue RCA input for the right or left channel. The respective input and volume are simply selected using the Focus XD remote control. The Focus XD is particularly ideal for digital music sources: the digital music signal is either transmitted in 24/192 via the coaxial digital cable from one speaker to the other or wirelessly in 24/96. In addition, the Focus XD can be connected entirely wirelessly: The Focus XD is equipped with an integrated receiver for the Dynaudio Hub. The Hub is compatible with additional analogue and digital audio sources, such as computers, Bluetooth receivers, streaming players, radios or televisions, and sends the music signal wirelessly to the Focus XD loudspeaker. In bitperfect, completely lossless digital transmission. With this extension, the Focus XD can be equipped with 7 inputs, all of which can easily be selected using the remote control.


Focus XD for everyone, everywhere. With the Dynaudio Hub, you can use multiple Focus XD in multiple rooms.

With the optional Dynaudio Hub, the Focus XD is not only wireless but also multi-roomcapable. With one Hub, multiple Focus XD can be used independently of one another in different rooms. Without having to lay one single meter of loudspeaker cable, set up amplifiers or grapple with multi-room controllers. Each Focus XD can be conveniently operated within the same room using the remote control. To use this smart multi-room system, simply assign each loudspeaker to a zone using the switch on the back, which allows you to select the music source and volume and turn each loudspeaker on and off individually. To further adapt the Focus XD to the individual acoustics of each room, each Focus XD loudspeaker is equipped with a loudspeaker position EQ, which allows the bass response to be finely tailored to the room acoustics. This way, with the loudspeaker set up near a wall or corner, the bass can be reduced in order to achieve a balanced playback. Similarly, the high-frequency range can be discreetly raised or lowered. All settings are adjusted via digital signal and are thus fully lossless. With the Focus XD, in-room integration and optimization is now easier than ever before, while multi-room audio has reached an entirely new level of high-end sound quality.


The Focus XD is the perfect digital high-end sound system, created manually by master craftsmen in Denmark.

The Dynaudio engineering team trusts its own innovations above all else during the development process, when selecting materials and during manufacture. Special attention is given to even the most minute detail. Dynaudio loudspeakers are a unique combination of innovative technology, the most modern production techniques, precision craftsmanship and Danish sensitivity. This kind of input is out of the question for most loudspeaker manufacturers – but at Dynaudio in Denmark it is the basic requirement for creating the legendary Dynaudio sound experience. Dynaudio soft dome tweeters have been consistently and continuously improved over decades to achieve the best sound quality: they combine a fine, specially coated fabric dome with an extra-light aluminium voice coil. The characteristic Dynaudio woofers and midrange drivers are another noteworthy feature. These are distinguished by their unique form and the proprietary membrane material: magnesium silicate polymer (MSP) is remarkable due to its excellent dimensional stability and high inner damping, which produces a neutral sound quality. Sophisticated analytical tools and computer simulation processes ensure that Dynaudio loudspeakers are more exact and even more perfectly constructed – even so, after developing our loudspeakers, we carry out the decisive fine-tuning through intensive sound and comparison tests. To do this, we use the most precise and complex measuring instrument of all: the human ear. Because music remains an essence that can only be captured by feeling.


Recording engineers rely on one thing in over ten thousand studios worldwide: Dynaudio sound quality.

All around the world, ten thousands of Dynaudio active monitors are installed every year, epitomising sonic neutrality. Some of the most prominent studios, including the esteemed Air Studios and Mayfair Studios as well as the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, England, the NRG Studios in Hollywood, California, and Paragon Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, rely on Dynaudio technology. BBC Radio & Music selected Dynaudio loudspeakers as the reference monitor for their new UK and international production facilities, while the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) chose to order more than 500 Dynaudio monitors for their all-new multimedia facility, DR-BYEN in Copenhagen, Denmark. Furthermore, many sound designers in the multimedia and gaming sector create their audio-visual experiences on Dynaudio monitors.


  • Dynaudio Esotec+ drivers
  • Integrated amplifiers
  • Analogue input
  • Digital input up to 24/192
  • Ready for wireless and multi-room
  • Speaker Position EQ


  • Crossover: 3 Way DSP Based
  • Tweeter Amplifier Power: 150 Watts
  • Midrange Amplifier Power: 150 Watts
  • Woofer Amplifier Power: 2 x 150 Watts
  • Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB): 20 Hz – 24 kHz
  • Weight: 27 kg 
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 213 x 1095 x 337 mm


Brand Dynaudio
Model Dynaudio Focus 600 XD Floor Standing Speakers
Type Speaker
Colour(s) Rosewood, Satin Black, Satin Walnut, Walnut
Design 2 Way
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 24 kHz
Power Handling RMS 600 Watts
Impedance No
Sensitivity No
High Frequency Driver 1"
Mid/Bass Driver No
Mid Driver 14cm MSP Driver
Bass Driver Dual 18cm MSP Drivers
Height (mm) 1095
Width (mm) 213
Depth (mm) 337
Weight (kg) 27.0000

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Colour(s)    Rosewood, Satin Black, Satin Walnut, Walnut

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